About the Client

The UGA Equestrian Team has long been successful for the university. With an event title in Equitation in the 2018 NCEA championship among several national titles under their belt, they are held with high esteem throughout the SEC conference. They have achieved this success through dedicated training and investement. However, their events depend heavily on symmetry and consistancy in each athletes' run during events. In creating Trot Track, we partnered with the UGA Equestrian Team's head coach, Meghan Boenig, to provide an optimzed way for them to view and track their practice runs from an aerial view.

Trot Track accommodates both coach and athlete through its user-friendly interface and easy access to elements deemed as important during user research. With the touch of a button the user is able to lauch the drone to a designated height and continue to view and record the footage. The videos can be archived and accessed through the video button on the app; this function also includes an option to submit and view feedback for each clip. The horse-locator function allows the user to choose the name of the particular horse, see a photo of them and view or update the horse's most recent location. This is especially helpful for the athletes who often utilize different horse's when training and competing.