Meet the Team


Jamal Deweever

Software Developer

Jamal is a senior and computer science major at the University of Georgia. Ever since high school, Jamal has held an interest in web development and has taken multiple web design classes in high school as well as obtained his certification in HTML from W3Schools. In addition, he's completed freelance website creation for various individuals and created sample websites in the computer science classes at the University of Georgia. While not necessarily his strong suit, Jamal worked at the University Bookstore for the past year which as allowed him to build upon his communication skills. Jamal’s major goal within Trot Track is contributing utilizng his background in web development and database management.


Natalie Corbin

Visual Media Director

During the past few years at the University of Georgia as an entertainment and media studies major, Natalie has gained experience working with Grady Productions as a camera operator and editing multiple short form content. In the Fall of 2017, she co-produced an independent short film and managed a 25+ person cast and crew. Natalie intends to utilize her knowledge of videography, photography, and graphic design in Adobe Creative Suite in her future endeavors after graduation.


Valerie Chang


Throughout her undergraduate journey at the Univeresity of Georgia, Valerie has gained experience in broadcast and video production in addition to serving in various food service industries to build up her sales and communication skills. Valerie does video produciton and editting through Final Cut Pro, as well as photo editting through Photoshop. Her main goal is to contribute to any team she becomes a part of by using her multitasking and hands-on skills to accomplish the goal of the unit.


Julie Hong

Project Manager

Throughout her college career, Julie has worked for various student groups, publications and companies in design, content creation and strategic communications. Julie creates her graphic design content using InDesign and Photoshop for photo editting. As she embarks on her career journey, she intends to use her skills in project management and organization to help in the success of whatever team she is a part of.


Amber Haywood

Web Developer

Throughout her experience at UGA Amber has had the pleasure of working with several organizations including the Athletic Association, the National Association of Black Journalists, and a mentoring program called Black Educational Support Team. For these organizations Amber has acted as a public relations specialist, external membership chair, public relations chair, and program chair. She also interned as the video content creator for 14 Local Athens, an organization dedicated to informing followers about local businesses in Athens, Ga. Amber has a variety hard skills–such as web design, graphic design, and video editing–and soft skills–such as project management and customer service–that she is willing to contribute to any organization she is apart of.